Andromeda Bridge Contest! 


Design Requirements:

1. The project, Andromeda Ocean Estates, is missing a walking bridge for residents of phase 2. Purpose: faster access to the beach club (32 mts lenght)

2. The bridge has to be unique in the area. It also needs to be thought as a tourist attraction for people to visit and take pictures with/on it.

3. The size should be width enough for two persons walking or on bicycles

4. It won’t be used by cars, moterbikes, golf carts or any similar

5. Budget: $50,000-$60,000 max. The breakdown of the budget must be included with real quotes as references

6. The materials need to be in sync with the actual style and design of the project and its landscape

7. Integrated landscaping is allowed. In that case, add quotes and types of plants, etc.

8. The bridge design needs to include the following costs: blue print and engineering

9. The formal blue prints proposal must be developed along with idoneo professionals.

10. Lights and finishings are to be quoted with Andromeda’s providers

Presentation Design:

Follow these rules to present the anteproyecto and concept:

1. Pdf of floor plan, 4 elevations, location, 2 sections and lights location for page 24”x36”

2. Basic 3d render or sketchup of the bridge in jpg and printed in 11x17

3. Budget breakdown and finishings quotes + providers, as well as builder in pdf and printed in legal format

4. Formal proposal for budget and blue prints. Andromeda will get the approval from the municipality, but we’ll need all blue prints stamped and civil engineer memory in a folder with the respective explanations


How to participate:

1.The students need to be in 4th or 5th year and must be grouped in teams of 2 or 3

2.Send an e-mail expressing your interest to participate

3.You will receive a topography of the area in autocad format updated and master plan of the project

4.We suggest you visiting Andromeda to have a better understanding of all needs. We’ll set up one special day so all groups can come. 

Reference Photos