Panama has a tropical climate, with warmth and humidity nearly year round, but temperature will vary depending on location in the country. The lowlands and coastal areas are warmer than the higher mountain elevations. The average temperature year-round on both coasts is about 84 degrees Fahrenheit. The average ocean temperature is also about 84ºf. There is little seasonal change in the temperature and the country tends to have warmer days and cooler nights.

Pedasí is on the coast of the Azuero Peninsula and it is located in a region known as the “Arco Seco” or the “dry arc” of Panama. This is the driest part of Panama, although it still receives plenty of rain during the wet season to maintain the green lush vegetation.

There are basically two seasons in Panama. One is the dry season – what Panamanians refer to as their summer – and it runs from late December through April. With blue skies common throughout the dry season, the summer months are synonymous with winds from the north and extended periods of sun with little or no rain.

The second season is the “wet” season – what Panamanians refer to as their winter – and it runs from May to early December. The wet season is generally marked by periods of rain and sun, with the pattern of a typical day being some passing showers in the morning/evening and periods of sun and clouds during the day. Even though the Pedasi area is part of the Arco Seco it still has plenty of rain during these months to make the area lush and green. However there is plenty of Sun during this time of the year also.

The climate in Pedasi is perfect for taking advantage of the plethora of outdoor activities the region has to offer!