Pedasi First Shopping Plaza


The Dekel Development Group, developers of five-star, quality projects such as the stunning Andromeda Ocean Estates, is soon to begin construction of the Andromeda Plaza, a premiere shopping center providing commercial space for small and large retail stores seeking to benefit from the tourism and residential growth of the area.

For all of its magnetic charm and authenticity, the town of Pedasi in the Azuero Peninsula is still a long ways away from becoming an entirely independent, self-sufficient town. Outside of restaurants, small grocery stores and boutique hotels, Pedasi does not yet have a robust commercial infrastructure fit for the tourism and residential boom. That is soon about to change with the arrival of Andromeda Plaza.

The continued success of now fully-developed coastal towns such as Coronado, a weekend hot spot for tourists and Panamanians alike, serves as a testament to the need of a quality shopping center that fulfills the needs of residents and tourists of Pedasi and surrounding areas. With this in mind, the Andromeda Plaza project was born.

 The Andromeda Plaza is not just a complement to the Dekel Development master plan for the Pedasi area, but also their way of giving back to the community by providing a stronger commercial infrastructure, jobs and opportunities for local merchants to thrive in the tourism boom Azuero is currently enjoying.

Andromeda Plaza will be made up of 12-16 commercial spaces of varying sizes and will feature a fully-fledged supermarket, branches for some of the biggest bank chains in Panama, a law firm, souvenir shops, a car rental company, fashion boutiques, local artisan stores and many more.

 Located on the main road of Pedasi, the design of Andromeda Plaza will come by the skilled hands of the top architectural firms in Panama with over 30 years of experience designing stunning projects all over Latin America and Europe.

They have taken special care in creating the Andromeda Plaza, having it complement the colonial aesthetic of Pedasi with top-quality finishes and plenty of parking spaces available for a pleasant shopping experience.

The town of Pedasi is a rural coastal town at the heart of the Azuero Peninsula, located approximately 4 hours away from Panama City. Home to some of the best surfing in the country, the beaches that surround Pedasi are often visited by tourists and Panamanians alike looking for tranquil environments surrounded by great people in a quiet community that values its Panamanian roots and history.

Currently, Pedasi residents must drive 40 minutes to the nearest towns of Las Tablas or Chitre to purchase their monthly groceries, furniture, electronics or other high-end goods. With the development of the new Andromeda Shopping Plaza, this will be a thing of the past!

This is the first high end shopping center in a 40km radius and a great addition to the Azuero Peninsula, providing hundreds of jobs and comfort for the residents of Pedasi and surrounding areas. Commercial lots in the Andromeda Plaza are still available for purchase, and construction is slated to begin in early 2011. For more information, prices or other inquiries contact the Dekel Development Group by e-mailing them at (insert e-mail here) or by visiting their website:

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