Pedasi Health Care


One of the points potential Panama residents from abroad make when enquiring about moving to Panama is the health issue. Does Panama have quality hospitals? Does Azuero have quality health care? We are pleased to tell you that Panama has the best health care in the region, and Pedasi is well surrounded with plenty of hospitals, and one soon to open in this beautiful town.

Common misconceptions about Central America abound, but Panama is different: this booming country has the most advanced, metropolitan city in the region and is arguably one of the most cosmopolitan countries in Latin America. Its unique blend of mountain, beach and city environments make it an ideal place to live or retire.

Being such an advanced city has its perks, and one of them is the benefit of top quality healthcare. When you come to Pedasi, in the Azuero Peninsula, you need not worry about getting sick or needing to go to the hospital. In the eventuality of, God forbid, something happening to you or your loved ones, Pedasi and Azuero have you covered.

Pedasi currently has a fully-equipped medical clinic right in town with medical professionals, with plans to build a top quality hospital in Pedasi currently in the works. For the time being, more serious injuries and treatments can be addressed by going to the Hospital Joaquin Franco located in the neighboring town of Las Tablas, approximately a 40-minute drive from Pedasi.

Furthermore, Panama City has some of the best hospitals in Latin America, including Hospital Punta Pacífica, affiliated with the Johns Hopkins Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.

The town of Pedasi will receive its new hospital sometime in 2011, developers say. Residents of Pedasi are “ecstatic” to hear the good news; even though the Pedasi Medical Clinic is well equipped and with a knowledgeable staff, patients who need to go through special treatments for Cancer and other serious ailments currently have to go to the Joaquin Franco Hospital, in Las Tablas.

With the opening of this brand new hospital in Pedasi, the inconvenience of driving a long ways away for specialized medical treatment will be a thing of the past.

Even better days are coming for Pedasi. With a tourism boom that’s injected new life to the local economy, and commercial projects well underway coupled with the forthcoming hospital, Pedasi is on its way to becoming a fully-fledged, self-sufficient town.

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