Pedasi, The Eden of the Famous


Paris Hilton and Michael Jordan are some of the celebrities that have visited Pedasí. In the capital city, we have seen Mick Jagger and Julio Iglesias.  Everyone knows them and any one would do the impossible to get a photograph or autograph from them. But precisely this is not happening in Pedasí, Province of Los Santos, and that is what is appealing for the celebrities.

In this town, Paris Hilton, Michael Jordan, Mick Jagger, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mel Gibson, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein with his Panamanian wife Angela Brown can swim, take a walk and eat as any other tourist visiting the area, without being bothered by paparazzis, fans or the locals.

“Look at that gringo” is what the residents of Pedasí say when they observe a Caucasian with blonde hair and light-colored eyes, without minding if he is famous or not. For these persons, they are just foreigners on vacation, enjoying the amazing landscapes and beautiful beaches.

In spite that these famous persons have been seen by the villagers, who quickly narrate where they stay, what they eat, the owners of the hotels, restaurants and bakeries supposedly visited by them will not confirm this information, maybe to preserve the confidentiality of their services. And this is precisely what the celebrities want.

A folkloric town, the town of the same name of the District of Pedasi, Province of Los Santos, is a folkloric town, and its residents are simple and very inviting persons.

In this town, celebrities go to the Bakery Yely and a restaurant named Isla Iguana, named after the famous island that can be reached from this coast. In this restaurant, Paris Hilton had for breakfast scrambled eggs, while Mel Gibson waited two hours to be served as any other client. “(Gibson) he was like any other client. Sat in the terrace with a book, climbed his legs on a chair. Spent all the afternoon here and no one bothered him. He was unnoticed as any other regular customer”, commented a staff member from the restaurant, who also said that a year ago Woody Allen sat in the same restaurant where Hilton had visited a few months before.

“I am not so sure it was him (Allen), because that day I had a lot of work and could not affirm it, but in my opinion, that was Woody”, he said. He affirms that what attracts actors to the beaches of Pedasi, specially Isla Iguana, is precisely that residents don’t mind about them.

“They come here because they are unnoticed. People here maybe don’t know who they are”, affirmed the informant for whom these famous persons look like “a normal, common gringo”.

Visits without a trace, when Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt visited the Canopy Lodge, there were no photographs, no visitors’ books signed of the hotel located at El Valle de Antón. “It was an exclusive one-hour visit, they were alone in the hotel and were only attended by a waiter who served them wine and cheese”, said a source from the place who confessed that during those 60 minutes, no one was in their post.

He declared, “They wanted to relax, not be bothered”.

During that hour, Jolie and Pitt were in the bird observation area. However, another informant near the hotel said that the actors stayed two nights at the Canopy Lodge and that the only one directly taking care of them was the owner of the lodge. “Among their activities during their stay in Panama, they visited the Canal and the Biodiversity Museum at the Causeway”, he specified.

But Angelina and Brad are not the only ones who love to be untraced. Michael Jordan has traveled several times to Pedasi, and to this date there are no photographs of his visits. A resident told how the basketball player took a photograph with her, but the athlete has the evidence of said moment. “Not only actors come here, also politicians of any party and even presidents and vice-presidents, many people come here”, revealed the lady.

Special neighbors, some comment that the Colombian singer Shakira and the vocalist of the Rolling Stone, Mick Jagger, have also visited Pedasi. Other say that the actor and governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been seen fishing at Isla Iguana.

But all villagers do agree that celebrities stay at Villa Camilla and Casita Margarita.

“The administrators of the hotel pick them up and bring them. They (the famous) come dress with normal clothes, like another tourist in town”, stated a resident, who confessed seeing from afar a property whose owner is the renown designer, Carolina Herrera. “I have seen the house and a guard told me that she was the owner”, he said.

Mel Gibson and Michael Jordan are also mentioned as some of the celebrities having purchased properties. However, a source related with Villa Camilla made it clear that the basketball player still has not acquired a residence.

“(Jordan) has been here three times, his last visit was a year ago. He has no property, but rents a house directly from the owners”, admitted a source and added that the sportsman loves “the climate, the beach and fishing more than anything”.

According to this person, Angelina and Brad also visited this hotel in Pedasi, “I even understand that they came to see some property projects”.

Prince Maximilian of Liechtenstein frequently comes to this lodge, where he enjoys “dining and cocktails”. The Prince loves this place so much that he already has a property, according to the informant.

The Capital City, some prefer to relax in the beaches, while others love to enjoy the city life, as is the case of the Spanish singer Julio Iglesias. Some time ago he was seen at the Sheraton Hotel and his visit was unnoticed.

“I was in the hotel and he passed by like any other person, I remember he was dressed with white thread pants, “said Mélida Trujillo, promoter of Gilberto Santa Rosa.

The Merengue singer, Eddy Herrera loves very much the Panamanian capital city, so much that – according to his representative, Jimmy Dawson – he would like to buy a home in Paitilla or Costa del Este.

“He loves gourmet and native food. When he comes to Panama, he meets with his close friends to play golf. He also loves resort type hotels. Once he went to Decameron and was fascinated”, emphasized Dawson, who also represents the Dominican singer, Sergio Vargas.

“On the other hand, Sergio prefers more pasta and seafood. He enjoys very much peacefulness and to share with friends. Enjoys smoking some Havana cigars, drink wines and eat cheese”, he stated.

Dawson indicated that Vargas prefers visiting the outskirts of the city were the climate is cooler and there is more vegetation. He added, “Once he went to the carnivals of Dolega and Chitre, and he was delighted with the cool climate and the highland environment of Chiriqui”.

The famous Brangelina duo also set foot in Panama City. The actors stopped at a gas station in Balboa Avenue, “They were buying bottles of water like any common person, they were alone, no bodyguards”, stated a source, who also says having seen in the Panamanian streets Mick Jagger and the granddaughter of the famous American writer, Ernest Hemingway, Mariel Hemingway, who came to Panama to film a documentary.

Story Translated from Prensa:  Anahil Trómpiz Torres

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